Quality Control

Quality Control Department of Bist baspar Espadana

One of the main and most important sections of the company is the Quality Control Department, where the quality of products is controlled and monitored in two ways based on the existing standards:
First: By inspectors from other quality assurance centers such as: the Standard Office Laboratory, the laboratory of Science and Technology Town at Isfahan University of Technology, and Road, Housing & Urban Development Research Center.
Second: By the quality control department at the factory, consisting of experienced staff and a laboratory with very advanced and up-to-date equipment, carried out round the clock in three stages:
1. Raw Material Control
All raw materials required by the company for production are controlled by this department upon entry into the factory, and based on the existing standards, their quality is tested through different tests such as: the density determination test, and the melt flow index (MFI) test, and if approved, they will be allowed by the same department to enter the raw material warehouse.
Also, parts such as: brass nuts for single-layer fittings, and aluminum for the production of 5-layer pipes are measured in terms of dimensions, and if consistent with the existing standards, they will be entered into the production section.
2. Control during production
During production, the production process is monitored to be optimal. Then random sampling is done in all the production lines of pipes and fittings, and the samples are controlled, and multiple tests are carried out on them in the laboratory.
3. The final control of products
Before being packed, the manufactured products are tested and checked again, and then they are packed after complete assurance. The tests carried out, include measuring the dimensions and weight of pipes and fittings, short-term and long-term hydrostatic pressure tests on all products at different temperatures, the impact test on single-layer pipes and fittings at the desired cold, the laminate or tension test on 5-layer pipes, and so on.
Why should you use Bist baspar single-layer pipes and fittings?
Because polymeric materials are not oxidized. Hence, these products do not rust, do not rot, and enjoy a very long lifespan (typically up to 50 years).
Because the inner surface of Bist baspar pipes is highly polished. As a result, no deposits are left inside them, and there will be no pressure drop.
Because Bist baspar pipes are resistant to high pressure and heat. Therefore, they can also be used in heating systems (radiators).
Because the polymeric nature of Bist baspar single-layer products is such that they cannot be combined with acids and alkalis. Therefore, they are suitable for the transportation of chemicals.
Because Bist baspar products have low opacity. As a result, there will be no algae inside them. Thus the taste and smell of water will not change, which makes them perfectly suitable for drinking water.

It should be noted that according to the guide table, the warm-up time begins when the pipe and fitting reach the end of the mold. About two to three hours after the latest welding, the project will be ready for pressure testing. It is better that the pressure is applied to the welded pipes and fittings at about 10 to 15 atm.
An important test to ensure correct welding
To completely ensure that the welding operation has been done correctly, using a pair of scissors cut the place, where the pipe is welded to the fitting according to the previously mentioned joining method, perpendicularly to the longitudinal axis. If the surface of the section having been cut is level and seamless, if the part where the pipe is welded to the fitting is indistinguishable and without any bubbles, and if the opening of the connection is not narrowed, then your welding is done without any defects, and you can deliver the project after the pressure test, with complete assurance.
Otherwise, if the welding operation is done incompletely, even if the project pressure test is acceptable, there will be a risk of leakage in the installations of that building in the future.
Note that even though the welding performance test is done in the project, it is also necessary to perform the pressure test to ensure the performance of the piping system.
Why should you use Bist baspar’s underfloor heating system?
1. Desirable and Uniform Heat
Heat is distributed improperly, when using radiators. But a really pleasant environment will be provided in the underfloor heating system, due to a proper and uniform distribution of heat, and creation of a relatively appropriate humidity.
2. The More Beautiful Architecture
It is very difficult to choose spaces to install radiators in buildings, in a way that the beauty of their interior decoration is not affected. This problem is solved by the omission of radiators in underfloor heating systems.
3. Clean walls
All heating systems cause pollution inside buildings, and blacken the curtains and walls. It is only in the underfloor heating system, where you need to a much lesser extent to continuously clean home furniture, walls, and curtains.
4. Health and Safety
The floor remains warm and dry, preventing the growth and propagation of fungi and microorganisms that cause skin and respiratory diseases. But the air moisture is retained appropriately, thus keeping your skin fresh and healthy. The amount of dust particles will also be reduced, thus minimizing the problems of diseases such as: asthma, allergic cough, and articular diseases such as rheumatism.
5. Saving Energy
Instead of heating the air, Bist baspar’s underfloor heating system heats objects and inhabitants inside a building. Because of radiant energy, lower water temperature, reduced heat losses, and other reasons, energy consumption is 30% to 50% lower in Bist baspar’s underfloor heating system than in other heating methods.

10Year Warranty

Our high confidence in the quality of products manufactured in Bist baspar Espadana Company encouraged us to guarantee all the manufactured products for 10 years.
This warranty confirms our claim about the quality of our products.