About Us

About Us

Bist Baspar Espadana Factory started its activities in 2006 in the industrial zone located at Isfahan Mobarakeh T intersection.
After a short while, this company was known as one of the best and most prominent manufacturers in the country’s construction and installations industry, through the use of modern and advanced machinery and high quality raw materials, as well as benefiting from a laboratory with up-to-date equipment, and the collaboration of experienced and efficient engineers, specialists, and staff.

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Why Us ... ?

Why Us ... ?

10 Year Warranty

Our high confidence in the quality of products manufactured in Bist baspar Espadana Company encouraged us to guarantee all the manufactured products for 10 years.

Quality Control

One of the main and most important sections of the company is the Quality Control Department, where the quality of products is controlled and monitored in two ways based on the existing standards More …

Product diversity

Products of BistBaspar Espadana
BistBaspar Spadana has a very diverse range of products, including :

single-layer pipes and fittings

Five-layer pipe and fittings


Years Waranty
Products Type
Phone : 00983136514004
Factory: 6, 7th Main Street, Mobarakeh Industrial Zone, Esfahan, Iran
Sales and Trading Office: Unit D32, Pooya Commercial Center, Shahed Avenue, Sepahan Shahr, Esfahan, Iran

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